Dumb Campaign Media Strategy: Trump ’60 Minutes’ TV Interview Lands Unexpected Huge Sunday Audience for CBS



President Donald Trump walks out on the taping of the interview with host Leslie Stahl; then trashes her in public; then releases on Thursday his tape of the interview attacking Stahl with a false claim of bias.

On Sunday “60 Minutes’ aired the interview anyway.

What was Team Trump thinking-that with this stunt, it could in some way diminish  viewership for the program, or win some sympathy for President Donald Trump in the election?

Well whatever Team Trump had in mind, the strategy backfired badly.

The program soared in the ratings for a Sunday public affairs preelection broadcast to an all time high even higher than the Sunday ratings for The World Series and NFL Football; Stahl got rave reviews for the interview; and the President-well the reviews for him were not good.

What a dumb campaign media strategy for sure!

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