Cruz’s laughable attack on Twitter’s censorship of the NY Post

Ted Cruz, U. S. Senator (R-TX), embarrassed himself with his full-throated attack on Twitter’s CEO for censoring the stories by the New York Post on Hunter Biden.

Bloomberg Quick Take:

Cruz Pushes Dorsey on Twitter’s Handling of New York Post’s Hunter Biden Story

Cruz’s attack is patently absurd.

Check it out for yourself.

Simply do a GOOGLE Search with the search terms: ‘new york post twitter.’ As of this morning, the search displayed 2.7 Billion, that’s right-billion, results.

Review several pages of the search results. They include links for articles, videos, tweets and other social media postings.

So, Senator Cruz-it does not matter that Twitter censored, as you argue, one news article about Hunter Biden.

Obviously, all the reporting of the New York Post, including its coverage on Hunter Biden, is linking up quite well in cyberspace anyway for anyone who gets his or her information about the real world from The Post to see and click.

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