Trump predicted to lose-so says historian Allan Lichtman on FOX

Can President Donald Trump beat the tide of 36 years of history and the accurate predictions of outcomes for 9 consecutive Presidential elections by Presidential historian Allan Lichtman in Election 2020?.

Fox News aired this stunning interview with Professor Lichtman:


Historian who correctly predicted every election since 1984 makes his call


Has Fox News finally declared its journalistic independence from Trump by airing the Lichtman interview?

If so, it’s long overdue.

What a blow to Team Trump days before Election 2020.

What a blow to Trump praising commentators and pundits especially those who have ignored the polls and Trump’s harsh and divisive campaign rhetoric, fervently trashed Joe Biden and predicted a blowout Trump win.

What a blow to the GOP U. S. Senators who ignored Trump’s faults, his failing campaign and flawed leadership, and used and misused their offices to support his reelection

What a blow to Trump’s base especially in these difficult times of the spreading COVIS-19 Virus, the lockdowns, the tragic cases of viral infections, loss of jobs, savings, and prospects for reemployment, and insubstantial claims about a sudden turnaround.

What a blow!

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