Cyber: trigger for FBI probe of Biden Bus incident by Trump Train in TX may be cyber security matter

We think that the trigger for the FBI probe of the interdiction of the Biden Bus by a Trump Train in Texas may be a cyber security matter.


‘Trump Train’ Ambushes Biden-Harris Campaign Bus in Texas | NowThis News #Trump #Politics #Election

Of course, that is our pure speculation about what may have triggered the probe 
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Democrats say San Marcos officials didn’t respond to “Trump Train” that harassed Biden bus (11-02-20):

The Texas Tribune  Link: 

The FBI as well as State and local law enforcement have been on high alert looking to uncover cyber threats, disinformation and attacks on our elections from foreign sources for months. 

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 ‘Cyber militias’ should be deployed by U.S. governors now to redress political hacking by foreign nationals or states:

EricVoc New Media Link:

Our thought is that something was intercepted during a surveillance of those cyber activities related to the incident which triggered their concerns. 

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