Trump will never concede-he will exercise power and sue to overturn Election 2020 votes until he leaves office

Even in the face of an embarrassing loss of his election fraud suit challenging the vote count in Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump will not concede defeat to Vice President Joe Biden, not now, not ever. And, he will not drop his law suits.

As declared by his trial attorneys, President Trump intends to appeal the Pennsylvania case to the United States Supreme Court.

AP: In blistering ruling, judge throws out Trump suit in Pa.



Biden wins Georgia recount as Trump setbacks mount – BBC News (11-20-20)

Why-Our View

Not because he expects that a Supreme Court decision in his favor will overturn the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election and return him to the White House for a second term in office. That will not happen.

It’s for the simple reason that President George W. Bush appealed his election claims to the Supreme Court in the 2000 Presidential Election.

It does not matter to Trump that Bush won his case and won the election, as most elections experts and commentators predicted; and that even if Trump wins his Supreme Court appeal, he still will lose the election, as most elections experts and commentators also have predicted.

It is because of Trump’s mind set that since a plurality of the American people elected him to office in 2016 and voted for him again in 2020, his base intended for him to exercise all of the powers of the Presidency as he deems to be appropriate, and to pursue his fruitless legal challenges to overturn the outcome of the Election, right up to the minute that Biden is sworn into office as president of the United States on January 20th 2021 at 12:00 p.m. even though he lost his bid for reelection.

While that conclusion may sound to be simple and to some extent so non presidential and absurd, it is just that simple.

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