Trump’s secret server should be kept on lockdown

“Biden must decide whether to share sensitive records with a broad, security-cleared audience or keep a Trump lockdown in place.”


CNN reports:

President-elect Joe Biden and his team will soon have to decide whether to share transcripts of presidential calls with foreign leaders to a broad, security clearance-holding audience, or maintain a lockdown on official transcripts of the calls and other highly sensitive information imposed by the Trump administration over concerns they might be leaked.

A person close to the Biden transition team told CNN that no decisions have been made about how these sensitive materials will be handled when the President-elect takes office on January 20, and that it’s likely they will maintain the Trump administration’s close hold on such information, at least at first.



Joe Biden on cabinet nominees: ‘This team reflects America is back’ (11-26-20)

Our View

President Donald Trump’s secret servers should be kept on lockdown.

Unless it is critical for someone in President Joe Biden’s administration to access the information on that server concerning Trump’s calls to foreign leaders, it needs to remain secret and on lockdown.

Trump and his surrogates, especially the right wing GOP members of the Senate, will use anything they can to impede and undermine Biden’s incoming Cabinet and administration.

All they would need is for something on that server to be accessed and then leaked for all h–l to be unleashed to attack and undermine Biden and his cabinet.

So for the best interest of the nation, keep it secret.

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