Cyber: trigger for FBI probe of Biden Bus incident by Trump Train in TX may be cyber security matter

We think that the trigger for the FBI probe of the interdiction of the Biden Bus by a Trump Train in Texas may be a cyber security matter.


‘Trump Train’ Ambushes Biden-Harris Campaign Bus in Texas | NowThis News #Trump #Politics #Election

Of course, that is our pure speculation about what may have triggered the probe 
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Democrats say San Marcos officials didn’t respond to “Trump Train” that harassed Biden bus (11-02-20):

The Texas Tribune  Link: 

The FBI as well as State and local law enforcement have been on high alert looking to uncover cyber threats, disinformation and attacks on our elections from foreign sources for months. 

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 ‘Cyber militias’ should be deployed by U.S. governors now to redress political hacking by foreign nationals or states:

EricVoc New Media Link:

Our thought is that something was intercepted during a surveillance of those cyber activities related to the incident which triggered their concerns. 

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Trump predicted to lose-so says historian Allan Lichtman on FOX

Can President Donald Trump beat the tide of 36 years of history and the accurate predictions of outcomes for 9 consecutive Presidential elections by Presidential historian Allan Lichtman in Election 2020?.

Fox News aired this stunning interview with Professor Lichtman:


Historian who correctly predicted every election since 1984 makes his call


Has Fox News finally declared its journalistic independence from Trump by airing the Lichtman interview?

If so, it’s long overdue.

What a blow to Team Trump days before Election 2020.

What a blow to Trump praising commentators and pundits especially those who have ignored the polls and Trump’s harsh and divisive campaign rhetoric, fervently trashed Joe Biden and predicted a blowout Trump win.

What a blow to the GOP U. S. Senators who ignored Trump’s faults, his failing campaign and flawed leadership, and used and misused their offices to support his reelection

What a blow to Trump’s base especially in these difficult times of the spreading COVIS-19 Virus, the lockdowns, the tragic cases of viral infections, loss of jobs, savings, and prospects for reemployment, and insubstantial claims about a sudden turnaround.

What a blow!

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NBC explains lack of coverage for DOA Biden hard drive story

Jonathan Turley slammed NBC for not properly and adequately covering The New York Post breaking non-story about Hunter Biden’s hard drive before the election.


Hunter Biden speaks at the World Food Program USA’s annual awards ceremony in Washington
April 2016: Paul Morigi / Getty Images File

NBC responded about the matter in great detail.


Bottom line: the proponents of the story, including Rudy Giuliani, Bernard Kerik, and Professor Turley have yet to respond to NBC’s request to produce the hard drive or any of its contents for forensic verification.

No lawyer nor any media consultant with any sanity would counsel an established media organization such as NBC to run a full expose or series of gripping headlined stories on politically volatile claims like the ones tossed around about Biden’s hard drive without being able to inspect the hard drive or to verify its contents.

So the story made its splash and the fateful journey to the sand box of other sensationalized unreported non-stories where it was probably doomed to go from day one when it broke in The Post.

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Ebro’s take on Lil Wayne’s endorsement of Trump on HOT 97

Waking up to news that rapper Lil’ Wayne endorsed President Donald Trump was surreal.

Vanity Fair. Lil Wayne Is the Latest Rapper to Endorse Donald Trump-The musician joins Ice Cube, 50 Cent, and Lil Pump in their support of the president’s policies


Mr. President, are you serious?

Because this is above our paygrade for framing a commentary, we had to turn to radio talk host Ebro and his co-hosts for their takes to make any sense of this news.

‘Ebro in the Morning’ : HOT 97 (WQHT FM 97.1 NY)

Reactions To Lil’ Wayne’s Endorsement Of Donald Trump & The Platinum Plan

#EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #LilWayne

On this one, we offer no comments; we must yield and defer to the experts.

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