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Tamara Hall Talks About Challenges For Women In Media -Huff Post

Catherine Taiba wrote that “people often ask NBC News’ and MSNBC’s Tamron Hall about the challenges she’s faced as a black woman in the news business. But she thinks those people are asking the wrong question.” The question Tamron Hall … Continue reading

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ABC: Huckabee: ‘Civil Disobedience’ To SSM, ‘No Choice’ -ThinkProgress

Think Progress wrote: Former Arkansas governor and current GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is calling on opponents of marriage equality to engage in acts of civil disobedience, saying that conservative Christians don’t “have a choice” but to directly challenge the … Continue reading

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Dickerson Ably Tackles ‘Atmosphere of Hate’ And ‘Domestic Terrorism’ With Experts

Dickerson ably tackles ‘atmosphere of hate’ and ‘domestic terrorism’ with experts. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Calls For Action On Guns After Charleston Shooting

Clinton’s team and her strategists have now put her in play on the tragedy, and on guns. She also should be prepared to talk about other related issues such as hate crimes, the death penalty, and the war on Christians an issue being pushed … Continue reading

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