Van Jones may be one of the few DEMS with the visibility stature and now the deep pockets needed to influence a turn around of the party’s losses from the VA midterm elections

Van Jones, a CNN commentator, has the deep pockets to be a major influencer in Democratic politics having recently received a $100 Million award from Jeff Bezos.


That kind of heft is what may be needed to help the DNC to devise the strategies needed to recover from the midterm election losses like in the VA elections where DEMS lost all three major offices: governor, lt. governor and attorney general.

As reported in

A year after seizing control of Congress and the White House, Democrats are struggling with painful losses across several states in the recent off-year elections that raised serious concerns about a much larger Republican wave in 2022. Suddenly, the Democratic optimism of this spring has been replaced by doubt as party officials ponder whether they have the right message, the right messengers and the right political strategy.


The concern by DEMS whether they have the right message, the right messengers and the right political strategy has become more of a concern because of the analysis of Dr. Larry Sabato, Center for Politics, University of Virginia, who in an interview on WUSA noted that former President Donald Trump and his top people were heavily involved in the VA race.


An indicator of a favorable outlook for Republicans because of the Virginia victories has been offered by U. S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell encouraged Republicans to focus on the future, after he was asked Monday if he thinks the right playbook for Republicans in the midterms is to keep former President Donald Trump at arm’s length — similar to how Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin did in his race, which he won last week.

“I think the answer is people are in the present and want to vote on what they see going on now,” said McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky. “And I think the key to ’22 is to have a discussion with the American people about how they feel about the new administration and the Democratic Congress and what they’re doing. So I think the election will be about the future, not about the past.”
He also predicted that the midterms are “likely to be a very good election for Republicans,” after discussing GOP gains in the New Jersey and Virginia elections.
“I think the wind is going to be at our backs in both the House and Senate,” McConnell added.



In conclusion, our view is that Van Jones may be one of the few DEMS with the visibility stature and now the deep pockets needed to influence a turn around of the party’s losses from the VA midterm elections

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Rogan trashes Dems who label VA’s Black GOP conservatives ‘White supremacists’

Podcast host called election victory of immigrant and veteran Winsome Sears ‘amazing’

The “Joe Rogan Experience” [which as of April 2019 has more than 190 Million downloads per month] host pointed to the recent victory of Virginia Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears, calling her an “incredibly articulate” and “powerful” woman, yet her critics have declared her win a “victory for White supremacy.” He also invoked California recall candidate Larry Elder being called the “Black face of White supremacy.”

“What?! What are you saying?! What the f— are you saying?!” Rogan exclaimed. “You can disagree with the man’s politics but that ‘White supremacy’ is like a stamp they like to put on as many things as they can.”


Republican political commentator Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., called out the media and ripped leftist voices, specifically on “Saturday Night Live,” who continue to demean Virginia Lt. Gov-elect Winsome Sears.


McCain on Tuesday reacted on “The Story” to “Saturday Night Live” cast member Michael Che making light of Sears’s position as the first Black female elected in Virginia to statewide office.

During last weekend’s SNL episode, Che joked that a campaign photo of the Jamaican immigrant and Marine veteran holding a long gun was evidence she was “attempting suicide by cop” – and suggested the imagery of a Black woman with a rifle could help convince the GOP to join the left in supporting gun control laws.

McCain found nothing funny about the skit.

“It’s awful,” she said on “The Story”. “It’s a historic moment in the fact that she’s a Republican and by the way, a veteran, [and] should be getting much more applause. If she were a Democrat, she would be on ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. Instead, she’s a punchline on ‘Saturday Night Live’.”

McCain noted that the media and left continue to attack Sears, but have assented to outgoing Gov. Ralph Northam remaining in office following a scandal in which a yearbook photo purported to show him in either a Ku Klux Klan robe or dressed in blackface.

McCain, who lives in Virginia with her husband, Federalist publisher Ben Domenech, and their young daughter, said that she is, however, honored to have the former Norfolk state lawmaker as her lieutenant governor-to-be.

“It’s just a glaring example of the hypocrisy of the left,” she added. “Everyone is someone that should be celebrated. Any woman in office should be celebrated unless they’re a conservative woman … but it doesn’t matter, [we] see it for what it is. It is a historic moment and I have high hopes for the leadership she is going to bring into Virginia.”



Our View

What more can be said?

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FOX News ‘The Five’ rips MSNBC’s patently false and slanderous claim via host Joy Reid that VA GOP ticket embodies White supremacy and a danger to national security

Lt. Gov-elect Winsome Sears, R-Va., rejects claims about GOP White supremacy; ‘The Five’ reacts. #FoxNews #TheFive

The panel on “The Five” discussed the media’s claim that a majority of Virginia voters cast ballots not for Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares, but instead for White supremacy – ripping pundits for ignoring the fact the two incumbent Democrats in Richmond previously were accused of dressing in blackface and a third was accused of sexual misconduct.

MSNBC hosts Tiffany Cross and Joy Reid slammed the GOP ticket in remarks following its victory, with Cross claiming the election was “about the fact that a good chunk of voters are OK with White supremacy.”

“Stoking this kind of soft White nationalism eventually leads to the hardcore stuff,” Reid claimed separately.

On “The Five”, host Dana Perino remarked that the left-wing media pundits’ comments were ridiculous.

“If electing a Black female to lieutenant governor in Virginia is a gateway drug to White supremacy – this is absurd,” she said

Sears, who recounted her journey from Jamaica to the United States and then on to the Marine Corps in her victory speech, will be the Old Dominion’s first Black female elected to statewide office.

FOX News: Link:

Our View

MSNBC should not have aired Tiffany Cross or Joy Reid. Their comments were gross and offensive

Now that Cross and Reid have aired, Lt. Governor Winsome Sears should be given the chance by MSNBC to respond on the air.

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Winsome Sears’ historic election as the first Black female Lt. Governor of VA is a more serious problem for the direction of Democratic progressive politics than may be discerned from dismissive comments by MSNBC host Joy Reid and her guest Vanderbilt professor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

As reported by FOX News, “Liberal MSNBC guest calls Winsome Sears a ‘Black mouth’ for ‘White supremacist practices-‘Critics bash ‘repugnant’ segment as MSNBC meltdown continues over GOP wins in Virginia.”

Liberal commentator Michael Eric Dyson called Virginia’s incoming lieutenant governor Winsome Sears a “Black mouth” of White supremacy on Thursday in what critics called a “repugnant” segment on MSNBC.

Sears, a Jamaican migrant and Marine Corps veteran, became the first Black woman elected to the position in Virginia on Tuesday. She declared herself the embodiment of the American dream and that her victory had destroyed “all of the narratives about race.”

That apparently didn’t sit well on MSNBC, as “The Reidout” host Joy Reid said Republicans “demand credit” for voting for Black candidates. Dyson, a frequent MSNBC guest, agreed with Reid and called Sears a “Black mouth” for “White supremacist practices.”

FOX News: Link:

Our View

Those comments, by two well educated black political commentators are absured.

Sears candidacy for Lt. Governor was separate and apart from the Governor’s candidacy and she became the nominee after the fifth ballot for the position in the primary. In the general election, ears faced and defeated an experienced Latina politician, Hayla Ayala, a Democratic member of the Virvinia House of Delegates.

Sears” election in that context can be explained by her grit and hard work, and that she was attractive to voters as a conservative woman, U. S. Marine, well educated, and a business woman with three children.

The trash talk of Reid and Dyson is just that, trash talk.

Sears is as much of a role model to young conservative Black females as Kamala Harris is to young progressive Black females. And that is the point of the rub for progressives like Reid and Dyson because young conservative black females are out there and they are not hard right conservatives like Candace Owens.

Going forward, newly elected GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin can serve only one term of office.

So in 2025 we could be talking about a Winsome Sears as the first Black female Governor of Virginia. Such an election would have broad national implications for Blacks in Republican politics in the future.

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