Rep. Val Demings Should Be Nominated To Lead ATF

POLITICO writes: “Biden likely to nominate new ATF head after first one pulled:”


Our View

Florida Representative Val Demings, former police chief of Orlando, Florida, is highly qualified to head ATF.

With the surge of gun violence throughout the nation, especially in urban centers, Demings would be a very effective leader for the nation’s premier law enforcement agency responsible for regulating firearms and investigating firearms violations.

Her background, education, and experiences for the job are outstanding:

She is bound to get strong bipartisan support for confirmation because Florida’s U. S. Senators are non other than law and order Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who are bound to support her nomination and confirmation.

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Former Trump WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer Vows to Sue Biden Over U S Naval Academy Board Firing

YAHOO.COM writes:


Sean Spicer, the Newsmax host and first press secretary of the former Trump administration, said he plans to sue the Biden administration after the president requested the resignations Wednesday [09-08-2021] of the military academy board members appointed by Trump who remained in their roles.

“I will not be submitting my resignation, and I will be joining a lawsuit to fight this,” Spicer said on the air Wednesday during his Newsmax show “Spicer & Co.”

Sean Spicer was among 18 appointees who received the resignation request letters, which said they had until the end of the day to do so or they would be fired. Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, former White House budget office director Russ Vought and national security adviser H.R. McMaster were also included.



So what?

Spicer of all people knew or should have known that as an appointee of former President Donald Trump to the Board of Visitors of the U.S. Naval Academy his days were numbered under President Joe Biden.

If that was not clear to Spicer when Trump appointed him in January, it should have been clear to him in August when he tweeted about the release of his upcoming book:

Oh really?

Spicer we believe is a Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves. As a naval officer Spicer had to know that he cannot go public with a book criticizing the Commander-In-Chief and remain a member of the Board of Visitors.

Spicer is lucky not to have been court martialed.

And now in this post 1/6 Insurrection environment, Spicer wants to release his book, tweet as a pleases criticizing the Biden/Harris Administration and be a Plaintiff in a lawsuit against President Biden?

Go ahead, make Biden’s day!

Biden’s lawyers will be salivating at the opportunity to get through discovery what would be a treasure trove of Spicer’s post-1/6 non-public text messages, emails, tweets, instagrams and other electronic communications which even the House 1/6 Committee will not be able to get that easily.

So Spicer, sue.

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Supreme Court may ‘swat’ away TX anti-abortion law

Supreme Court may ‘swat’ away TX anti-abortion law.

This Week [ABC News: 9/5/2010] interview of Senator Bill Cassidy [R-La] video exceprt:

As reflected in this interview of Senator Cassidy, GOP conservatives may not be in tune with the civil bounty vigilantism of the Texas anti-abortion law [transcript excerpt]:


STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, except that it — so the law is being enacted right now. And let’s talk about the underlying law, which is, talk about the substance of the underlying law. It gives private citizens the right to enforce this law. It actually tasks private citizens with enforcing this law. And The Wall Street Journal came out against that this week, they called it — said in an editorial calling it the “Texas abortion law blunder,” saying the law sets an awful precedent that conservatives should hate. Could California allow private citizens to sue individuals for hate speech or New York deputize private lawsuits against gun owners? So setting aside the standing issue, what do you think of the underlying substance of the law?

CASSIDY: I think the Supreme Court will swat it away once it comes to them in an appropriate manner. ***


Our View

Even hard right GOP conservatives may not be ready to unleash the notion of bounties and vigilante justice to advance their views as ratified in the TX anti-abortion law.

If Cassidy had a hard time supporting the law in the court of public opinion during a TV interview as apparent from the video clip, imagine the difficulty judges may have upholding the law in a principled written court opinion which will be subject to the reviews and commentaries of distinguished legal scholars.

In that regard: “Alan Dershowitz Says Texas Abortion Law Is Unconstitutional, Will Be Struck Down by SCOTUS;’


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Candace Owens slams Aspen lab for denying her a COVID-19 test

Ernest Luning,, in: “I’ve never laughed harder’: Candace Owens slams Aspen lab for denying her a COVID-19 test,” wrote:

Conservative provocateur Candace Owens said the owner of a facility in Aspen refused to give her a COVID-19 test due to her political beliefs.

“I was banned from taking a Covid test because of my politics!” Owens said Wednesday night on Twitter, linking to redacted images of an email exchange with someone she identified as the owner of an Aspen laboratory that performs several types of rapid COVID-19 tests.

Owens, who boasts that she hasn’t been vaccinated against the coronavirus but regularly takes COVID-19 tests, said in an Instagram post that she received the email after her assistant booked a testing appointment.

Candace’s Instagram video on the topic is worth watching:



Candace: you addressed you own criticism of COVID vaccination.

If you are free not to take the vaccine, and to be an anti-vaccination critic, certainly the Aspen Lab is free to decide that it is in its best business interests not to administer a COVID test to you.

Freedom is freedom both for you and the lab.


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