Rubenstein and Carlyle Should Buy The Orioles

The Angelos family infighting and litigation over control of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team, [ Link: ] presents Major League Baseball, David Rubenstein, and The Carlyle Group a unique opportunity to change the business and investment models for MLB teams making them consistent with the business and investment models of major 21st century businesses.

Rubenstein, himself a billionaire, is the co-cofounder and co- executive chairman of the The Carlyle Group, one of the largest global private equity and investment firms in the world which manages over $300 Billion in assets. Rubenstein was born and raised in Baltimore. Carlyle is publicly traded. [NASDAQ: CG]. Link:

Rubenstein has been rumored to be interested in buying the team:

Forbes currently values the Baltimore Orioles at $1.37 billion.

Other potential owners/investors such as former Orioles president and CEO Larry Lucchino and Baltimore native David Rubenstein have been mentioned as other possible team investors.

Rubenstein is the CEO of the Carlyle Group, which is a global investment firm and no doubt has access to the capital needed to be at least a part-owner of a Major League franchise.

The heart of this issue is the prolonged drama that could unfold if the Angelos family continues their legal struggles for the rest of this year and well into the following year.


An acquisition by Rubenstein and Carlyle has interesting implications.

Carlyle’s investment group probably would be diverse and inclusive of minority investors. Oprah Winfrey comes to mind. She is now a billionaire who began her broadcasting career, in part, on WJZ-TV [CBS 13 TV] in Baltimore. There are other Black investors who probably would be included in the investment group. 

That would be a progressive business and investment model for MLB which in the 21st century is lacking diverse and Black ownership in its teams.

A Rubenstein-Carlyle acquisition would provide MLB access to an enormous base of liquid capital to expand through the establishment of new teams in foreign countries. That means more money for all team owners.

So if the outcome of the Angelos litigation results in the sale of the team to Rubenstein and Carlyle, then so be it.

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Trump May Have Avoided Liability for the 1/6 Assault on the Capitol

John Stoehr, a fellow at the Yale Journalism Initiative, was persuasive in his commentary that former President Donald Trump is almost certain to get away with what happened on January 6, 2020.


As Stoehr stated in his commentary: “[T]here are rules for the powerful [, and] there are rules for everyone else.”

From our view of the information so far developed by the House 1/6 Committee, it seems apparant that Trump was one step removed from facing criminal charges: Trump did not personally go to the Capitol and lead his supporters in the assault on the Capitol.

All of his blustering and rhetoric aside, in our opinion, it seems that by staying in the White House during the assault, Trump avoided liability.

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Georgia’s 2020 GOP Primary Election: “Georgia’s on [Our] Mind”

Karl Rove, a FOX News contributor, stated it best when he declared that the success of a primary election candidate depends more on his or her quality, record and message than the strength of a political endorsement even an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.


It is puzzling that Trump would seek to defeat Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for reelection to a second term of office, who is strongly favored in the polls to win reelection to office by 20 points, by supporting the bid of former U.S. Senator David Purdue, merely because Kemp would not adopt the meme that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump, and that Kemp accepted the result of the election that President Joe Biden was elected President.

A more effective political strategy would have been for Trump to focus his support on Herschel Walker in the Georgia U.S. Senate primary election than to waste his political juice on Purdue.

In our view, it is more important to Trump’s reelection efforts for President in 2024 for Walker to win for U.S. Senate in the Georgia  than for Purdue to win for Governor.

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Buffalo NY Mass Shooting Has Nothing to do With Soft on Crime Policies

Leo Terrell, a Fox News contributor, moderated a panel on: The Big Saturday Show, about soft on crime policies in Democratic controlled cities leading to a rise in violent crime.

Terrell opened the panel discussion with a news clip referencing the recent mass shooting at a shopping center in Buffalo NY.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW Beginning at: 9:13

It is remarkable that the horrible mass shooting incident, which involved a white supremacist going into a Black neighborhood to kill Black people, would be manipulated by Terrell and his panel to attack President Joe Biden and Democratic mayors and prosecutors about soft on crime policies.

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