Buffalo NY Mass Shooting Has Nothing to do With Soft on Crime Policies

Leo Terrell, a Fox News contributor, moderated a panel on: The Big Saturday Show, about soft on crime policies in Democratic controlled cities leading to a rise in violent crime.

Terrell opened the panel discussion with a news clip referencing the recent mass shooting at a shopping center in Buffalo NY.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW Beginning at: 9:13


It is remarkable that the horrible mass shooting incident, which involved a white supremacist going into a Black neighborhood to kill Black people, would be manipulated by Terrell and his panel to attack President Joe Biden and Democratic mayors and prosecutors about soft on crime policies.

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Trump’s Political Endorsement Has Value

Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently belittled the significance of a political endorsement from former President Donald Trump for candidates in various GOP election primaries. Link: https://www.mediaite.com/opinion/ted-cruz-of-all-people-mocks-republicans-who-suck-up-to-trump/

Cruz forgets that for some GOP primary election candidates, Trump’s endorsement matters:

The operating assumption among Republican candidates is that if you get an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, you’re golden.

After all, Trump is, without question, the most popular politician among Republicans – and history has shown that he has an ability to handpick his preferred candidates in down-ballot races.

Link: https://www.cnn.com/2022/02/16/politics/trump-endorsements-worth-gop/index.html

Because of Trump’s win for President in 2016, the vote tally for his reelection bid in 2020, his popularity from his reality TV show on NBC, The Apprentice,  his massive following on Twitter, and the mainstream media speculation that he will seek reelection as President in 2024, many GOP primary election contenders can successfully leverage his endorsement.

That is more so now that GOP right wing conservatives will be motivated to get out and vote for Trump endorsed candidates because the Supreme Court may overturn the Roe v. Wade decision, and because Elon Musk has pledged to remove the Twitter ban on Trump should Musk acquire Twitter.

Trump’s political endorsement is valuable. Link:https://www.forbes.com/sites/traversmark/2020/03/02/how-valuable-are-endorsements-in-politics-3-lessons-from-political-psychology/?sh=1ffb87c14e48

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Was the Supreme Court Database Hacked for the Draft Roe v. Wade Opinion?

Surprisingly no one has suggested that the Supreme Court data base may have been hacked by a cyber hacker to obtain the draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade recently published by media.

Draft opinions apparently are stored in a digital format and circulated among the justices and staff electronically.

Since any digital database may be hacked, it is certainly possible that a party outside of the Court could have hacked into the database, obtained the draft opinion and passed it to the media.

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Acquisition of Twitter Has More to do With Its Growth Potential as a Social Media Business Than Concerns About Unregulated Free Speech

The debate about the future of Twitter, now that it has been acquired by Elon Musk, has focused on partisan arguments about unregulated free speech. But the more important focus should be on Twitter as a business. Twitter is a business which has always been, and will continue to be, about making money.

To understand the business perspective, simply consider and reflect upon one of the business model analytical reports about Twitter pre-COVID19 and pre-Election 2020, as follows:

Twitter Business Model | How Does Twitter Make Money?:

Link: https://bstrategyhub.com/twitter-business-model-how-does-twitter-make-money/ [est. 2019].

As noted in the Report:

***Twitter remains one of the most famous social media sites in the world and continues to grow at an accelerated pace.

This growth has not gone unnoticed by corporations who have formed partnerships with the site to promote their brands, products, and services.

In fact, Twitter has now become a medium where one can launch their own brand and establish their business. It takes the right amount of clicks, likes, shares, and retweets to secure that level of success.

                    * * *

Twitter’s primary partnership has always been with its users who access the website every day. The same users then utilize Twitter’s platform to promote their business, products, and services through news articles, TV Shows and advertisement.

The service has also formed significant business partnerships with both startups and established corporations alike giving the platform more credibility within the business hemisphere.

Our View: These corporate and business partnerships are likely to grow and not diminish under Musk as the economy continues to grow and expand in the future.

The Report further notes:

Some of Twitter’s value propositions include its following of people around the world guaranteeing them connectivity and communication at their convenience.

It allows people of all backgrounds and nationalities from different continents to interact with each other and share everything with them including news, cultures, and lifestyles.

Twitter’s real value proposition is audience reach at lightning fast speeds.

                    * * *

Twitter’s very platform stands entirely dependent on its customers. They are its main resource and revenue generators. Anyone with an Internet can simply open up their site, log on to their account and kickstart a connection with different people. They can utilize this platform to showcase their views, talents, and opinions.

Our View: If it is true that Musk will change the policies of Twitter to favor unregulated free speech, then that is likely to enhance the value proposition of Twitter as a business, thus increasing its base of users and its revenues. That’s for the good of Twitter., not its demise.

Conclusion: Notwithstanding the concerns about the potential impact of unregulated speech on Twitter, we think that is has a promising future.

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